Will you pray with us?

Our prayer is that from the ocean to the hills, every heart would come to know, love, and be transformed by Jesus.
When you give, you are changing lives!

Bill Burton, Political Consultant

Oceanhills gave us a family in a new city where we've made new friends and can use our gifts!

Lisa Gaede, Business Owner

Oceanhills has become my church family, a place to be loved, love others, and a place to grow in my relationship with God.

Bruce Willhite, Water Engineer

Oceanhills gave me a chance to start a new life and is a loving community that took me in!


Mail to:

821 State Street, Suite B

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Text "oceanhills" to 77977.

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We are currently hosting four online worship experiences every Sunday at oceanhills.online.church

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1310, Santa Barbara CA 93116

Tel: 805.965.9283, hello@oceanhills.org

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