We meet at 10am on Sundays at The Marjorie Luke Theatre. Free parking and kids programs

0-12th grade.  

The Loft

Our downtown offices and ministry center is located at 821 State Street, Suite B.

Open M-TH. 

Church On The Beach

Three Sundays every summer at East Beach (the bottom of Milpas on Cabrillo.)


Come as you are! At Oceanhills we like to say, “no perfect people allowed.”


We are a one of a kind, unusual, and accepting community of everyday people who are figuring out how to love God and how to love everyone always by following the life and teachings of Jesus.


We embrace the messiness of real life, seek to help each other grow in grace despite our differences, and are a Jesus centered church – not an issue centered church. We also value relationships over rules, so we don’t tell our people how to vote or guilt them into giving.


We don’t think we are the perfect church, but we do think we are different from most churches. Come join us on a Sunday – all are welcome, everyone is invited!



in it together



Oceanhills is a Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, CA founded in 1998 by our lead Pastor, Dr. Jon Ireland who planted it with support from Montecito Covenant Church. We shared our first office with McDonalds and met in the Veterans Memorial Building for the first three years before moving to The Luke.

Church on the Beach is a longstanding tradition during the summer! As is Church Under The Stars on Christmas Eve in The Rotunda by the beach.


We are focused on living out our God-given marching orders to love everyone always across the street and around the world. We are dedicated to serving regularly with our local and global partnerships:

Franklin Elementary School (Reading & Mentoring)

Alameda Park Monthly Meal Share

Team World Vision

Westmont College


AMOR Outreach

over $800K in 5 years

for clean water


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Married to Branden, mom to Dillon. Loves tacos and greenjuice, HIIT workouts and naps, & everything organized. Pro. yogi.

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Married to Chris and mom of 3. Designer extrordinnaire. Loves fancy pastries, yoga, & friendship. TV connoisseur.Coffee date junkie. 

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We meet at 10am every Sunday at The Marjorie Luke Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA.

The Loft- our weekday location and downtown office and ministry center is located at:

821 State Street, Suite B. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Tel: 805.965.9283,

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