The Team

 Dr. Jon Ireland, Founding & Lead Pastor

Dr. Jon Ireland

Founding & Lead Pastor, Director of Oceanhills Men

Raised in Oakland California… I met my wife Nathalie in Mexico City at an ex-pat Super Bowl party and we have been married since 1983. We have one daughter Shannon, who is married to Gerrit, and they are living and working in Santa Barbara. I am the founding Pastor of Oceanhills & have been officiating weddings for over 25 years. For more information about having me officiate your wedding or preside over your family funeral please email 

Education: Bachelors in Recreation- California State University, Masters of Divinity- Fuller Seminary, Doctorate in Leadership- Fuller Seminary

Favorite place to travel: I rarely ever go back to the same place – every place feels unique & special… we've traveled as a family to 6 of the 7 continents- my favorites: getting lost in Venice, standing on the summit of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the yummy food in Vietnam, singing & worshipping in church in the DR Congo, hiking the jungles in Peru, the architecture in Havana, Cuba, and ice skating at Christmas time in NYC.

Favorite Books & Authors: "Boys in the Boat" by Daniel James Brown, "Same Kind Of Different As Me" by Ron Hall & Denver Moore, "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen E. Ambrose, Henri Nouwen, Richard Foster, Brene Brown, Tim Keller, Paul David Tripp, Andy Stanley

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: Our "No perfect people- Love everyone always" culture and the people I get to work with & serve alongside every day! Kacy's voice, Rob's beard, Jono's smile, Cosy's Corner, Laila's story, Mama G's heart, Julie's Namaste.

Favorite things to do in SB: Ocean swim, ride my bike, play golf, drink red wine, practice yoga... McConnell's, Brophys, Corazon Cocina

 Joshua Gupta

Pastor Jono Shaffer

Executive Pastor

I was raised in the Bay Area, went to Northwestern University for my undergrad where I met my wife, Erin, and I began to sense a call to full time ministry. I attended Fuller Seminary in Pasadena for graduate school and began pastoring at Oceanhills in 2003. Erin and I have 3 kids, a dog, and love being a part of the Oceanhills family.

Education: B.S. Northwestern University, M.DIV at Fuller Seminary

Favorite place to travel: Israel, Egypt, & Ecuador

Favorite Books & Authors: Tim Keller, Paul Tripp, Richard Foster, C.S. Lewis, Chuch Swindoll, A.W. Tozer

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: It's not boring- our doors are wide open for anyone to come and join us. We can push, challenge, disagree, and still love each other in unity as we try to follow Jesus.

Favorite things to do in SB: Be at or in the ocean, play tennis, trail run, hang in the funk zone with friends

 Louis Alexander

Kacy Yardley

Director of Worship Arts

I grew up in Medford, OR, and came to Santa Barbara when I attended Westmont, and after graduating I couldn’t leave. My husband, Brian, and two girls, Linden (8) and Berrit (4), make life sweet and full of adventure. I love even numbers, traveling, and The Carpenters. Oh, and Sunday naps.
My favorite thing about Oceanhills: I love that our church always points to Jesus. I love that people can BELONG in our community even before they BELIEVE in Jesus. And then I love that when people BELIEVE in who Jesus is, we get to cheer them on to BECOME the people Jesus has made them to be. And I just really love our people… this community. It’s pinch-me amazing.
Favorite things to do in SB: Mission lawn picnics, discovering new Santa Barbara food, concerts at the Bowl, hiking Lizard’s Mouth, and spending time with friends.

 Phyllis Peterson

Dr. Laila DiGuilio

Director of Oceanhills Youth

Born and raised in the OC, but SB has been home for over a decade and I feel my roots sinking deeper into this community every day. Married to Ryan--the love of my life and the funniest guy in the room--since 2004. Mom of two confident and brave girls who fill my soul, soften my hard edges, and bring God-sized joy to our little Jesus-lovin' family.

Education: BA Political Science from UCLA, MA & PhD Educational Leadership & Organizations from UCSB

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: Ohills is a family. We love to be together, not just on Sundays.

Favorite things to do in SB: Beach days with my family. Hendry's, Butterfly, Santa Clause, we love them all.

 Nicole Zhao

Rob Limkeman

Assistant Director of Oceanhills Youth

I grew up  in Wisconsin, Israel, Florida, & The Netherlands before I went to Westmont College and stayed here post-grad. I'm Samantha's grateful husband and love serving the youth of our town together as she teaches and coaches @ DPHS and volunteers with our Oceanhills Youth Ministry.  

Education: B.A. Psychology @ Westmont College, currently working on M.A. Psychology @ CalSouthern

Favorite place to travel: Iceland... I think that's what heaven looks like (in June).

Favorite Books & Authors: Anything by Tim Keller, Ravi Zacharias, Phillip Yancey, or C.S. Lewis. I love practical theology, analogy, & story. "Making Sense of God" by Tim Keller if you're forcing me to choose because I think it's my favorite book for 2017+ spectrum skeptics, myself included :) 

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Brandon Wong

Assistant Director of Oceanhills Youth, Director of Young Adults

I was born and raised in the Bay Area (Millbrae, CA). I studied and graduated from Westmont College in 2015 with a degree in Biology. Now, I continue to live in the best vacation spot with my best friends. 

Favorite place to travel: The state of Montana - Kalispell, Whitefish, Glacier National Park

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: I love that this is a great church to invite people who want to grow deeper in their faith, people who have never heard about Jesus, and even people who have been previously hurt by the church. Oceanhills represents family very well. With all of its celebrations and all of its messiness, we choose to stand with each other with love and unity. 

Favorite things to do in SB: Playing beach volleyball, drinking coffee at french press, hiking, hosting parties, eating pizza, and meeting new people.  

 Terry Rhee

Cosy Del Carlo-Jenks (aka: Miss Cosy)

Director of Oceanhills Kids

SB transplant as of 2007, 50% Westmont grad, newly-wed, newly 30 something, lover of playfulness and I often get 100% on Disney lyrics quizzes on Buzzfeed. 

Education: BA in English

Favorite place to travel: I find a favorite something every place I go.

Favorite Books & Authors: Steinbeck for days. Jhumpa Lahiri,  A Diary of Private Prayer & the Jesus Storybook Bible.

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: The variety of colors, hues and textures of Jesus expressed in the people. 

Favorite things to do in SB: Evan's Relaxing Station... I mean Hike! 

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Kerry Small

Director of Oceanhills Kid's Worship

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey with my six brothers and sisters. I had the privilege of attending University of Pennsylvania and received a B.A. in music and education as well as an M.S.Ed. After marrying my college sweetheart, we moved to Santa Barbara and have been breath-taken by it ever since. We have been gifted with three strong boys and a beautiful little girl. 

Favorite Books & Authors: I love reading children's books, but also love insights from John Piper, Tim Keller and different worship leaders from around the world.

Favorite things to do in SB: On any given day, you can find me teaching or playing piano, hanging out with my kids, running, paddle-boarding, watching sunsets, spending time with friends, or pursuing the next adventure. 

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Kelsey Hayes

Oceanhills Kids Administrative Assistant

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Santa Barbara. After high school, I lived in Port au Prince, Haiti and then Seattle, WA before I finally settled back in Santa Barbara, started college and married the man of my dreams and best friend, Josh in 2016. I am a lover of donuts, speak Haitian Creole when I'm angry, will use any excuse to hand-letter a chalkboard.

Favorite place to travel: Belize - we got to snorkel with manatees around a huge reef and I truly felt like I was getting a peek into another world. 

Favorite Books & Authors: To Kill a Mockingbird is an easy fiction favorite, Mountains Beyond Mountains/anything by or relating to medical anthropologist Paul Farmer, and The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns.

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Kathy Guzman (aka: Mama G)

Director of Oceanhills Women, Newcomers, & Hospitality

I was born and raised here in Santa Barbara. My husband, Gus, and I have four kids, one daughter in law, and one grand baby!

Education: A PhD in raising 4 amazing kids who love God and love people!

Favorite place to travel: Any beach.

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: My favorite thing about Oceanhills is feeling like we are all one big family. 

Favorite things to do in SB: Running at sunrise, riding my bike, walking with my husband, Gus, around & through different neighborhoods in SB

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Daniel (DJ) Johnsen

Director of Compassion, Mercy, & Justice

Raised in Salinas, CA and transplanted to SB for Westmont and beyond, I'm a "Central Coasty" through-and-through. (I think I just made that term up.) An author I hold in high esteem (CS Lewis) once said that the best advice he could give a twenty-something is to live around friends until God reveals life's next adventure. So that's what I've done, and I've enjoyed a whole lot of surfing, beach volleyball, concert-going, and traveling in the meantime. 

Favorite place to travel: Latin America, in general, and Argentina, in particular. The people (confident, warm, affectionate), the culture (soccer, beef, mate tea, Italian and German influence), and the places (the Andes, Iguazu, Buenos Aires, Patagonia) all made for a rich experience packed with memories. 

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: Oceanhills embodies the kind of love that eliminates fear. I love seeing people at Oceanhills operate, maybe for the first time in their lives, out of complete and total freedom. Because there is no more reason to put on a show or wear some sort of mask when you know how loved you are! Yeah, that's what's special to me about our church. You get to see people come alive!

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Julie Lisea

Church Administrator

I'm a Santa Barbara native with a passion for health, wellness, & travel. I married Branden and we love loving Jesus together. We have one son and love family life!

Favorite place to travel: Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, walks in the redwood trees at Big Basin, parasailing on Catalina Island, riding a bike around Kailua HI, sunrise yoga in Bali. 

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: It's Jesus centered vs. issue centered. Sunday's are a spiritual experience. I feel free to be my imperfect self, question, learn, and have an authentic relationship with Jesus. Okay that's three things.

Favorite things to do in SB: Ellwood Bluff walks with my dogs, beach volleyball, boogie boarding!, our "secret beach", rides along the bike path, picnics at the rose garden, green juice & tacos, and wine tasting in the Funk Zone.


Jess McCormick

Church Bookkeeper & Director of Accounts

I was born and raised in Northern California, but transplanted to Santa Barbara after college. Married my high school sweetheart & college rival (me-- Cal, him-- Stanford) and we are proud parents to Logan, Jude, and Harper. Some of my favorite things are a really good pastry, cartoons made for grown-ups, and going deeper with friends over coffee (and that pastry...).

My favorite thing about Oceanhills: The community. The people around me at Oceanhills feel like a family, and the relationships I have through the church are richer than I imagined friendships could be. I love how our desire to know God deeply and our vulnerability with the hard stuff brings us closer to each other and Jesus.

Favorite things to do in SB: Beach with the fam, walking to Daily Grind on a Saturday morning, hot yoga classes, and hikes with friends (to counteract the pastries). 

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