5 Reasons to join a Community Group

Hey Oceanhills! 
We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! It seems like Labor Day turns the page to fall, a new season, to reconsider our schedules and commitments. So many of us want to live intentional and healthy lives in community with others, yet busyness seems to get in the way.
Joining a Community Group this fall at Oceanhills could be the best decision you make for your life this year. Community Groups are gatherings of 6-12 people who meet consistently to encourage, support and grow together.

1. If you want to grow spiritually, you need to be connected relationally: Spiritual growth doesn't happen in a bubble. Our faith is personal, but not private. Maybe you have been coming to Oceanhills for a while, you enjoy the services and meeting a few people on Sunday, but you know there is more… There are special moments and conversations that can happen in a living room, much different than what we share on Sunday mornings.

2. We all desire to be known and cared for by someone: When we share life with others, they often become the ones we turn to when we need encouragement, prayer or support. We have seen this over and over again in our community. Life happens (the good and the bad). The people you choose to be with consistently will come alongside you when you need it.

3. We all need a break from the busyness: You might worry committing to a group will actually add more “busy” to your life. However, I find when I’m with my community group, it’s a time to step out of the “busy”, slow down and connect deeply with others and with God. It’s a designated time for me to stop working, stop striving and enjoy relationships. I always leave feeling refreshed and encouraged.

4. Your faith will grow stronger: When we share stories, talk about Sunday's message, and pray for each other, you will experience a deeper trust in God. His love and the work of His Spirit in your life willbecome more evident. It truly is a unique experience and, often times, difficult to find in our culture.

5. God designed you for relationships: We are created to be known and loved in community. Our busy culture is built on quick interaction and the appearance of connection. Real relationships take time, commitment, and are not rushed. Community Groups are designed to foster development of real relationships.  

Group sign up begins today! Groups start meeting the week of September 16. We have many different options for you to check out and jump into. Click hereto see groups and choose what’s best for you.
Our goal is to make this easy and convenient, but YOU have to take the initiative. If you try a group and it is not working, we promise to help find another one. We truly believe there is a place for everyone here! Don't miss out on what God has for you in community this fall!

REMINDER: Outdoor worship and prayer night tonight. We would love to see you there, all are welcome!  Zylstra's Home, 6:30pm - 4761 Via Los Santos.

Otherwise, see you Sunday at 10am at The Luke as we continue our sermon series on "The Good Life."
In it together, 
Pastor Jono Shaffer

Julie Lisea