Feelings. Family. Fitness. Fun.

Really quick, from my brain to yours… here are FOUR FRIDAY THINGS:

1. A FEELING thing:

If you weren’t with us last Sunday, I want to encourage you to make time to watch the sermon. It was a message that I think we ALL can relate to (whether we want to admit it or not).  There have certainly been seasons in my life when the LAST thing I was willing to do, or wanted to do, was to “feel” my life, or move toward the things that were hurting inside.  I mean, why feel the hard stuff when I can easily stuff it, turn away from it, numb it, ignore it, or rationalize it away!  I understand that line of thinking - it feels like self-preservation!  But what I’ve learned (the hard way), is that ignoring the things that sting, hurt, ache, sadden, or make us downright angry is a one way ticket to… more pain.  Those feelings we don’t face are like garbage rotting under the sink - sooner or later the smell takes over the entire kitchen, then the house, and then the fruit flies come, and the ants… you get it. It’s a nasty mess. 

But I am SO PROUD of us!!  We did the hard thing on Sunday, and so many of you came forward, wrote in the journals, and gave your pain to Jesus.  You wrote down the things you want help moving past.  You invited Him into the delicate and difficult, but oh so worth it, process.  Jon has mentioned it a couple of times, but I am finding so much healing and life in reading the book - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero.  It’s a great tool for starting the process of facing our pain. I encourage you to pick up a copy, read it with a friend, share the journey… just keep moving forward, toward, into, and THROUGH the pain… keep letting the light of Jesus shine into the dark places.  And in case you were wondering… we are not reading the journals.  They are between you and Jesus, and whoever YOU want to share those entries with.


2. A FAMILY thing: 

Speaking of the journals from Sunday… DID YOU KNOW that our children had a chance to use their very own journals in OKids?!  They wrote down behaviors and attitudes that they wanted to step away from… ‘turning the page’ into trust, loving their siblings better, choosing love, and asking Jesus for help in those areas.  So powerful!!  It would be a meaningful family conversation to share with your kids that you had the same opportunity, that we are ALL on a journey toward growth and vulnerability!  We get to model those things for them, and asking them about their experience opens that conversation!   A big shout out to Miss Cosy and Miss Kerry - they are so intentional with our kids!


3. A FITNESS thing: 

Did you know that the fire-cracker powerhouse who is Chrissie Velasquez has resurrected her famous Bootcamp class at The Loft!?  If you want to get in shape, discover muscles you never knew you had, and do it all with a smile on your face, you don’t want to miss this class.  It’s every Wednesday from 7:45-8:30am (no-hassle street parking that time of day), just $5 per class.  All levels are welcome and invited! Come check it out, and bring your neighbor, co-worker, friend, and your Mom and Dad.  Just bring a mat, a water bottle and a SMILE! 


4. A FUN thing: 

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to work on staff at Oceanhills?  Well, I’m here to tell you, it is absolutely the. most. FUN! These friends are some of the most hilarious, giving, loving, generous, vulnerable, selfless, hilarious, kind, thoughtful, deep, caring, HILARIOUS, sincere, and Jesus-loving people you will ever meet.  If you haven’t met us, please come introduce yourself!  We love meeting new people, and we love this church (that’s all of YOU!).  


Have a fantastic weekend friends.  See you Sunday at 10am in the Marjorie Luke Theater!



Julie Lisea