Grow, Strengthen, Flourish

Oceanhills, Family & Friends- 
What I’m about to share with you is soooo far out! 
TWO “far out” opportunities that will grow you, strengthen you, and help you FLOURISH more in life. Yeah, I just said “FAR OUT” - I know nobody has used that phrase since the 60s but I thought I’d resurrect it:
THIS Sunday 8:45-9:45am in Rm 108 @ The Luke (right before church). I am excited to be teaching this class! When people leave a church the number one reason given is “we just didn’t connect…”  So, we are going to tackle this issue together at Oceanhills.
This class will address three questions:  why connect, how to connect, where to connect. Whether you’re a founding partner at Oceanhills, or a first-time visitor, I’m inviting you to join me for this class THIS SUNDAY!

CONNECT CLASS: Sign up here!

One of the many great discoveries throughout my life has been learning that being part of something bigger than myself makes life more rich and meaningful. Living beyond myself, rather than simply living for myself and my immediate family, makes life more full and abundant. If you are not part of a team yet at Oceanhills, now is your chance. We need your help on the tabernacle team.
What’s a Tabernacle Team?
Think Old Testament. Think people of God wandering in the wilderness. Think people of God gathering for worship as they moved around. Think pre-temple and pre-synagogue. The tabernacle is the Old Testament version of mobile church, meeting and gathering in a tent that had to be set up and taken down on a regular basis.
Now think Oceanhills Church. Think 52 Sundays a year of saying YES to inviting the Spirit of Jesus into our community. Think God using ordinary people to create an environment for His people to gather and experience His presence and power in a public middle school.  Think of 12 hours this year to say “Hineini” = Yes Lord, here I am. 

We need your help. 
Set Up (11 still needed)
Take Down (25 still needed)
Parking Team (8 still needed)
Try and see what happens....


In it Together,
Dr Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea