Connect. Grow. Serve.

What’s up, Oceanhills!
Labor Day weekend is here, and I’m fired up for Sunday as we launch into Matthew 5 & The Beatitudes with our new sermon series “The Good Life”.
I want to give you a sneak peek into the “Discipleship Pathway” Jono and I are working on. It’s all about movement and moving forward. We’ll be offering classes to spur on opportunities to help you connect, grow, serve, and lead. 
Check it out!

The Sunday Experience:
At Oceanhills, our front door is wide open Sunday mornings – everyone’s invited and anything is possible! It is through our Sunday gatherings people discover the life giver, Jesus, and a friendship with Him that becomes life-changing. We see Sunday mornings at The Luke kind of like going to the visitor center in a national Park… It’s just the beginning! There is so much more to experience and explore in this adventure of faith and within the Oceanhills community. 

First Step: Newcomer Lunch - Sunday, September 9
We host a Backyard BBQ newcomer gathering 4 to 6 times a year as a way for you to get an inside look, behind the scenes at Ocean Hills, and get acquainted with our pastoral team.  Time and ocation TBD.

CONNECT CLASS: Sunday, September 18
Most people are looking for more than a friendly church. Most of us want to connect & make friends. The Connect Class will help you to discover why and how to connect at Oceanhills. The #1 reason people leave their current church and look for another church family is because “We just never felt connected…” The Connect Class is designed to help you know what you need to do to feel connected.  We will meet at 8:30am, Rm 108 at The Luke.

GROW CLASS Sunday, October 21
The Grow Class is designed to help you grow deeper in Christ. We will discuss the 5 catalysts for growing spiritually and encourage you to become a self-initiating, reproducing, whole-hearted follower of Christ. We will meet at 8:30am, Rm 108 at The Luke.

SERVE CLASS: Sunday, November 18
The Serve Class is designed to unpack the biblical foundations for serving and living beyond ourselves. In this class, we will unpack what Jesus said about how we can help move the mission of Christ forward through giving & serving. We address the questions: Why serve? How am I SHAPED to serve? Where is the best fit for me to serve? How can I contribute financially to support the mission of this church? We will meet at 8:30am, Rm 108 at The Luke.

THE FOUNDATION CLASS: Every Tuesday night in October, 6:30-8pm
This class is a five-week course led by our pastors address in the foundations of faith. We will combine teaching, class discussion and Q&A around the bigger themes such as:
What we believe about the Bible? 
Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus die? 
Why & How do I pray?
Why & how do I read the Bible?
The Foundation Class is perfect for those newer in faith, for those who need to be renewed in their faith, and for those who just want a little refresher in their faith. We will meet at Jamie Slone Wines, 23 E. De La Guerra St. SB, CA 93101.

Whether you’re an established member or newer to Oceanhills, we encourage you to step into the discipleship pathway by attending and experiencing these classes whenever you can.
See you this Sunday!
In it Together,
Dr Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea