Will you consider investing in these new initiatives?

Oceanhills Friends and Family!  

It's been an exciting summer - So many God stories of students growing in their faith, new people connecting in relationships, people getting baptized and taking steps closer to Jesus. I hope you have been along for the ride or tuned in on Sunday mornings. It certainly feels like the Holy Spirit is encouraging us to lean in and hang on to His movement in and through our community. I can't wait for every Sunday and for what God has in store for us this Fall as people come back home! 

Our Leadership Team and Pastoral staff believe it's time to take another step in faith and make several strategic moves to develop more young people to lead the Church into the future. There is a huge vacuum of young people who feel called to go into vocational ministry and we believe that our staff is uniquely gifted and positioned to be a community where people can be trained, encouraged and discipled to discern if God is calling them into ministry as a career. 

We are moving forward with two initiatives:

The first initiative is supporting our current staff as they become trained in Seminary. 

  • Cosy is starting her second year of seminary and is on track to get ordained in the Covenant Church. 
  • We will also be supporting 3 more staff (Rob, Brandon, DJ) this year as they start the Ignite Seminary Program
  • 1 Inter-Varsity staff leader in our community (Kelley Ebersole) will also start seminary with those above.
  • The Covenant church is making strides to makes sure seminary is affordable for churches and students. We will be spending about $10,000 to help these 5 students as they continue to serve in our church family. This team is so gifted and passionate about ministry, I'm confident this will increase their vision, effectiveness, and fruitfulness in ministry.

The second initiative is starting The Oceanhills Leadership Residency

  • This will be a program where male and female college graduates are invited to live in church provided housing for 1-2 years. They will be serving alongside Oceanhills staff members while working part-time in the Santa Barbara community.
  • With the leadership of DJ, our pastors, and an advisory board we will be directing the nuts and bolts of the program with hopes that we will be able to raise up many more young leaders in the coming years. 
  • We are hoping to start with 3-4 postgrads this September that are interested in ministry and see where God leads. 
  • This program will cost us about $90K per year for the housing costs and the director's salary. 
  • Our hope is to seed this ministry for 2 years and then be able to fund some of it within our budget as we see it. This truly is an investment in the future of the church.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? I'm glad you asked :) 

  1. We would love your prayer support for this! Pray daily that God would lead the right people and direct us to the right home.
  2. Help us get the word out to anyone who may be interested - You can send them to our website - https://www.oceanhills.org/leadership-residency/
  3. Financial Investment: This truly is an investment in God's Kingdom and the future of the Church. We would love if you would consider giving to God's "Future Fund" through Oceanhills. This fund will help us develop future leaders, train and disciple them, and send them into the service of the Church so the Kingdom can grow and flourish. There is a drop down fund set up on Pushpay and our website called the "Leadership Residency Program". We're hoping to raise $180K over the next 2 years. We already have about half of that...God is good!

We are so grateful for your partnership as we continue to discern God's voice and act out in faith what He leads us to do! Please let me know if you have any questions about these initiatives, Id love to hear from you!

I am so thankful to be part of a church striving to bring God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven!

We have a meaningful time of worship and communion planned for our community this Sunday at 10am (we even have a taco truck for Fiesta!). With so many new people coming to check out Oceanhills this summer, I hope you can stick around for tacos and meeting some new people.  Viva!

In it together, 
El Pastor Jono Shaffer 

Julie Lisea