Church on The Beach This Sunday

What’s up, Oceanhills!
I want to give a shout out to the president of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Gary Walter! He is retiring this month and is a personal friend of mine who’s served the Covenant family so well. 

What is THAT word you keep mentioning? With so many guests and visitors peeking into Oceanhills this summer and many wondering what THAT word “covenant” actually means, I thought I’d take a moment to briefly explain the “Covenant“.
“What is a Covenant church?” 
We are a multiethnic, multi-generational mosaic of over 800 churches with a 133 year history stemming from Swedish Lutheran roots. The Covenant is BiblicalDevotionalConnectional, and Missional. We are not perfect (no denomination is) but sometimes we jokingly say, “We are the dog with the least amount of fleas…”
All kidding aside, the big focus of all Covenant churches is to “Go deeper in Christ and further in mission.”

  • We want people to experience a life giving & life changing friendship with Jesus and his church.
  • We want to be part of bringing heaven to earth by sharing his unfailing love with our world. 

If you're interested in learning more about what makes Oceanhills unique, we invite you to attend our Newcomer First Steps Luncheon on Sunday, September 9 (after church) at noon! We will meet at our Downtown Loft office, 821 State Street. RSVP HERE! It’s free & we will provide child care.
DON’T FORGET Church on The Beach is THIS SUNDAY! Bring your beach chairs, blankets, family & friends.

I'll be finishing up our series on The Lord’s Prayer with TEMPTATION! I can’t think of a better place than the beach on a hot summer day to talk about this topic. Ha! Oh, and if you want to be baptized, this Sunday is your divine appointment. Why not make a public expression of your faith in Christ this Sunday by getting baptized? Let us know by RSVPing here if you’re interested.
In it together,
Pastor Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea