Church on the Beach This Sunday

Holy Guacamole! Is it really possible that we are already six months into 2018? OK then... It seems like a good time for a “mid- year spiritual challenge”. 

Choose 1-2 of these ways to live in the Flow of God’s Spirit for the rest of this summer...

1. Where’s your chair? Commit to spending 15 minutes every day with God reading Scripture & listening for his whisper.

2. Pray for other's success! Dallas Willard writes, “If you want to experience the flow of love like never before, the next time you are in a competitive situation (at work, among friends, or playing sports) pray that the others around you will be more outstanding, more praised, get more of the credit, and be more used by God than yourself."

3. Fast one meal every week for a month. If we don’t feel a strong desire to know and love God more, perhaps we have nibbled too long at the table of the world and are bloated from what the world offers. Commit to fast one meal a week - it might increase our appetite for God. 

4. Commit to resist rugged individualism and isolation by initiating a gathering to share one meal a week with a few other followers of Jesus. “Without community our hearts close up and die." -Jean Vanier (Founder of L’Arche Community). 

5. Resist materialism & choose simplicity. Give something away once a week this month. If you find yourself becoming too attached to something, the best way forward is to give it away. Consider whether there is a material possession in your life that is starting to assume too prominent of a place in your heart. Give it to a thrift store, the Unity Shop or to someone you know who could use it.

I am speaking at Church on the Beach this Sunday and I’m fired up for beach baptisms (let us know if you would like to be baptized Kacy and her team will be leading us to experience the power and presence of God in the beauty of God’s creation through music and worship.  This is a great Sunday to invite your family, friends and co-workers to experience The One who has the power to change lives and help us become the best version of ourselves.Who could you invite?

See you this Sunday -10am @ East Beach!

Pastor Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea