Wild At Heart

Dear Oceanhills Family & Friends,

I spent four days last week up in the mountains of Colorado at a spiritual boot camp along with 500 men from around the country and Maury Hayashida, The Chair of our Leadership Team. Those who came were hungry to grow into a deeper walk with God. The big theme was restoring & recovering our hearts that have been “lost, stolen, assaulted, and surrendered.”

Below are 5 of my fresh reflections from the notes I took…

1. To get your heart back we can’t begin with more duty and obligation. We must ask and live in the question- “What makes me come alive?”

2. Name a handful of your favorite movies and why? What is it in those films you love? In these stories something is calling to my heart- speaking to what I have been created for  (examples in my life: male friendship, overcoming evil, romance, transformation)

3. Followers of Jesus are in an ongoing battle for their hearts. We have an enemy. The Scriptures tell us- “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour us” (1 Peter 5:8)… Jesus calls this enemy "a thief” who comes "to steal, kill, and destroy.” (John 10). The point is we are in a battle. Our hearts are being assaulted, crippled, broken and destroyed. We have settled for boring, dutiful, and halfhearted living. We must wake up and fight the good fight of faith, hope, and love because we have been born into a very dangerous story. 

4. Childhood wounds define us. The father wound - many of us have been wounded in our childhood from abandonment, disappointment, divorce, abuse, violence, passive & distant, bullying. Every little boy needs 2 things from his dad. 1. To know 'My dad adores me! I am profoundly loved by my dad and I know it because of time spent together and words of affirmation he has shared with me over the years.'  2. To hear "Son, You have what it takes!" Over a thousand moments where dad tells you, “I’m so proud of you”.

5. Validation. When we don’t get that validation from dad growing up, we live with a deep ache. We go searching for validation in the world. We look for it from women, from making lots of money, ladder climbing, chasing novel experiences, and over-achieving. But healthy people seek to become WHOLEHEARTED and live FROM our identity not FOR our identity. 
Stop and chew on that last statement... healthy people seek to become WHOLEHEARTED and live FROM our identity not FOR our identity.

Final thought- God is actively pursuing us with unfailing love. God our Father adores us. God our Father comes to rescue and restore us. God our Father is kind, generous, and personal. He invites us into the frontier, into a life of adventure of discovering we are deeply loved. When we accept that we are accepted and adored, and loved by our Father (not because of anything we do), it is a game changer… a life changer. No more posing. No more seeking validation "out there". God tells me who I am- not the world I live in! The result? FREEDOM!

See you this Sunday!

Let's keep praying this every day together during the 50 Days of Flow:

Set a fire down in my soul.
That I can't contain, and I can't control.
I want more of You, God.

In it together,

Pastor Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea