Ready For An Adventure?

Oceanhills Family and Friends! 

"A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other." 1 Corinthians 12:7. 

What a powerful message we heard on Sunday! We so easily forget that God has given EACH OF US spiritual gifts so that we can help each other! Maybe if you're like me you tend to think "Oh well I can't sing like her, or speak like him, or lead like her, or pray like he can" and so we get paralyzed, do nothing, and stay on the sidelines. I know I need to be reminded that God has gifted me specifically to do what He calls me specifically to do. You and I are uniquely designed, gifted and shaped for a purpose - to encourage, strengthen, and comfort others and build the body of Christ. Jon challenged us on Sunday to embark on the journey of discovering our gifts and to step out in faith to use them as He calls us. We want you on this journey with us!

Our friend Richard is such a powerful example of this in our church body. Richard has had a challenging life to say the least. He showed up at our church about 18 months ago and as we got to know each other, he stepped in and started serving with Set Up and Take Down. He has been helping almost every week to help make sure our church is ready to go on Sundays for all the kids and families to show up. As Richard uses his gift of service he has blesses and encourages our serve teams so much and strengthens our church.

Richard also has a deep heart for the forgotten people in our town- the most vulnerable and impoverished. He truly exhibits the spiritual gift of compassion as he brings medical supplies, food, and clothing to these people who most desperately need it. Through this act of faith, Richard has stepped in to a part-time position as the "Homeless Empowerment Coordinator" collaborating with Oceanhills and SB ACT. We are excited to see where God will take Richard in this adventure of faith as he uses and shares this gift of compassion.

Are you on the journey of discovering and using the gifts God has given you? Don't wait around! Don't just sit there and watch other people using their gifts and miss out on the adventure God has for you. Our community needs you to lean in, take initiative, and discover your gifts and passions! We would be happy to have someone meet with you about this if you need some more direction - email Three books that come to mind are - Holy Discontent, The Dangerous Act of Worship, and Leadership Styles to begin discovering where God may want to use you. I want to encourage you to take 30-60 minutes of silence, read 1 Corinthians 12-13, and reflect on the questions Jon brought up on Sunday - Here they are:

1. What am I good at?

2. Where am I being affirmed?

3. What am I passionate about?

4. Where do I see fruit from using my gifts?

5. When I do this _________ I sense God’s smile or pleasure!

See you this Sunday at the Luke at 10am as we continue our FLOW series.

In it together,

Pastor Jono Shaffer 

Julie Lisea