New Protege Program


"Whisper: Hearing The Voice of God" series is off and running.

36 days of “hineni”= the Hebrew word meaning “Here I am ready and willing; no conditions; the answer is YES GOD, what’s the question?” Abraham, Moses, and Samuel each embraced that attitude before God, and God did amazing things in and through each one of them. The question for us all to ponder is; Am I willing to pray hineni every day for the next 36 days- leaning into the life that God wants me to live – no matter what?

OK change of gears…
Summertime is beach time... vacation time. Family time. Lake time. Mountain fix time. For those of you already away on vacation we pray that you’re getting your spiritual batteries recharged and deepening your most important relationships. Summertime happens to also be end of our fiscal year time at Oceanhills! 

We have had a strong year of growth at Oceanhills. We are growing larger, deeper, and stronger. Our passion for moving the mission of Jesus forward and seeing lives transformed is growing. And it’s really fun to be part of a growing church. Rather than shrink back financially and stay in our comfort zone, both our staff and leadership team sense that the Lord is calling us outward and onward. If you missed the Family (business) Meeting on Sunday all the slides are available at your request. The news is very good – income is on the rise – you are growing in your giving! 

We are so grateful to God for you- your strong, faithful, generous, and sacrificial giving is directly connected to the health and growth of this church family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...

It feels a little risky to ask but I feel so passionate about where Oceanhills is headed that I’m willing to take the risk and ask…. Would you consider making an extra over and above contribution this month to help us launch our new protege program? 

Protege Program
We feel a strong sense of calling to raise up next generation Pastors and leaders in ministry. That’s why we’re launching the “protégé program“ designed to impact and influence 4 college graduates a year who are gifted and considering full-time ministry. We want to give these protégés a one year experience living in community together-testing the ministry waters, receiving training from our staff, reading and reflecting together deeply on biblical and theological issues, learning stronger relational skills, and becoming fully devoted friends and followers of Jesus Christ. The cost of this program is $80,000 a year- that includes a program director and housing for the protégés.

I’m looking forward to Father’s Day this weekend and celebrating on Sunday morning with all you dads. 

In it together,

Pastor Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea