Life at Oceanhills

Dear Oceanhills Family, 

What a ride! As the school year winds down we have a lot to be thankful for as a church family. God has been gracious to our community this year. We have been growing in attendance,  with more leaders, stronger giving, and with more people saying yes to living a fully surrendered life following Jesus.

Don’t miss this weekend- we will be concluding our Holy spirit message series. We have been in "50 Days of Flow" and this Sunday we will have a small panel of people sharing how they have experienced the Holy Spirit. I will bring fresh highlights from the series, and then we will have the opportunity to hear personal stories from regular, normal, non-preacher type people who are seeking to be guided by the Holy Spirit just like you. This Sunday is also a very special Sunday because we have our Okids helping us experience the power and presence of God through worship.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the message online or be in church last Sunday I want to encourage you to go back and watch online. You can click the link below, go to, or watch on the Oceanhills App. I believe it is one of the most important messages I have taught on in 2018. With God’s help and grace, if we put into practice that message on the civil war inside of us- it will change our lives.

I’m off Wednesday with our staff for a three day Play & Pray Retreat. Please pray for us as we enjoy building stronger friendships  and seek God together.

In it together,

Pastor Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea