Family Meeting This Sunday

Dear Oceanhills Family & Friends,

A big shout out to Cosy, Kerry, our adult Okids leaders, and all the children who put there heart and soul into leading us in worship this past Sunday- what a super special morning. THANK YOU! 

NEW Series & Family Meeting this Sunday
Don’t miss this Sunday as I begin a new teaching series called "Whisper: Hearing The Voice Of God". And if you call Oceanhills your home we hope that you’ll stick around from 11-11:15am for our “Family Meeting” to update you on where we are as we come to the close of our fiscal year on June 30th as well as the exciting growth opportunities and the forecast in front of us for 2018- 2019. Former Chair of the Oceanhills Leadership Team and current Chair of the Oceanhills Finance Team, Matt Cook, will lead us through it and we want you there.

One more update: Last week we took the Oceanhills staff away together to Coronado Island from Wednesday night through Saturday morning on a  “Play & Pray“ retreat.

Our time included exercise, silence, Scripture reading & reflection, individual sharing of current blessings and battles in our lives, praying over each other, solitude time to walk on the beach or sit in a chair and journal, riding bikes around the island together, jumping in a massive jacuzzi, listening to great music, laughing and crying together. 

What a wonderful gift to be part of a ministry team so gifted, talented, teachable, authentic, open, and passionate about following Jesus as we help others follow Him, too.

We love each other...
We love being together...
And we love serving you!

Staying in the Flow,

And PS- we’re so grateful for the family that generously donated their two condos for us to use for free making it affordable for us to have this time together… A reminder that your generosity can be shared in many forms and really makes a difference.

Julie Lisea