Who has it better than us?

I am feeling tired… but a good tired! The 20th Anniversary weekend was so fun, meaningful, and powerful for me. I felt so loved by the Oceanhills family - your support, words of kindness, your notes of appreciation, the artwork gifts, and all the hugs and high-fives! 

Ecclesiastes 2:24 - “So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.”

Who has it better than us? Nobody!

Oceanhills exists to inspire and encourage ordinary people to live extraordinary lives by becoming whole hearted followers of Jesus.

I am so inspired by our staff, our leadership team, and our hundreds of volunteers and leaders. I see you living that extraordinary life and making an extraordinary impact as you:

  •   Sacrifice your time and money

  •   Forgive those who hurt you

  •   Keep your commitments

  •   Serve and bless others 

  •   Intentionally disciple others

  •   Refuse to demand your own way

  •   Listen well 

  •   Run for clean water in DR Congo

  •   Follow the leading of God’s Spirit

  •   Humble yourselves 

  •   Practice hospitality 

  •   Do the invisible grunt work

  •   Pour yourself into our kids

  •   Read to kids at Franklin

  •   Pray for each other

Thank you! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to walk in the ways of Jesus. 

In it together,

Pastor Jon Ireland

Julie Lisea