"The Good & Beautiful God" -Part 2 (Psalm 23:2)

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me besides still waters

Ask yourself: Where is God leading you? Is he tugging at your heart to have a conversation with a homeless friend on the street? Is he calling you to pick up a piece of trash on the ground or soften your tone with your friends and family?

Ask yourself: How do you feel about being led there? Talk to God openly and honestly about it. No good relationship is built on hiding true feelings. “God I would rather not have this uncomfortable conversation” or “I don’t want to say sorry to them first”. Try crossing your arms or planting your feet firmly into the ground to show God exactly what you mean. Do this until you know have proved your true feelings toward God. 

Now slowly uncross your arms and let them hang at your sides. Relax your feet. Unclench your jaw. 

This is what it is like to be led by the good shepherd. If you are familiar with Psalm 23, you know that two verses later God will be leading you through the darkest valley. Not to the darkest valley, but through it. Be led by God because in the end, he will lead you to peaceful waters amid lush fields. 

By Oceanhills Protege, Jordan Kaech

Julie Lisea