We believe that spiritual growth flows out of two basic commitments. 

1. A commitment to God & The Bible.

2. A commitment to significant Christian relationships.

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Fall, Winter, & Spring Groups

Community Groups are a midweek gathering of 6-12 people who commit to meeting weekly to encourage & support one another-- who dig deeper into the scripture our church is studying that week. A group of friends who push each other to live out the sermons we hear on Sundays and to keep growing through the adventure of trusting Jesus.



  1. What is one hope or dream you have for your group experience this Fall?

  2. What is one thing you heard on Sunday that connected with you, convicted you, or challenged your thinking?

  3. Read through the Beatitudes (Matt 5:1-10) and discuss why this is a description of people who have been grabbed a hold of by Jesus and the Gospel.

  4. There were 4 word pictures that help describe meekness – Elephant Trunk, Soothing Medicine, Gentle Breeze, Broken in Colt.  How did these enhance your understanding of meekness? Who is someone in your life that exhibits meekness?

  5. There were 5 things in Ps 37:1-11 that also described the meek: They trust in the Lord, Delight in the Lord, commit their ways to Him, wait patiently and rest in Him, and they do not Fret (get heated) in the face of opposition.  Where God be calling you to lean into one of these ways of living more in your life and how would you do it?

  6. Where do you sense the Holy Spirit calling you to take a next step this week in your spiritual journey?


  1. Lets be transparent - What do you find yourself hungry and thirsty for- validation, belonging, status, pleasure, possessions, other? 

  2. Read Matthew 5:6- Notice what you noticed from the sermon- righteousness means having "right relationships”. Which of the 3 relationships do you crave to get right- relationship with God? With family or friends? With vulnerable / poor / suffering neighbors across the street or around the world?

  3. What is something Jesus might be inviting you into in your walk with Him as it relates to this verse?

  4. How might you let the gospel grab hold of you more so that you hunger and thirst for righteousness?

  5. 3 opportunities to practice and live righteously 1. Read one hour a week at Franklin elementary school? 2. Give an international student a warm welcome with ISI- have them over for dinner? 3. Bring food to our monthly Alameda Park meal share to care for those suffering?


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Summer Groups

Area Bible Studies meet once a week in your neighborhood over the summer for six weeks, so you can develop faith-centered relationships with the people in your area. This is a great way to stay connected with community over the summer and to get a taste of what a weekly commitment to a group is like.  Area Bible Study will resume Summer 2019!