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What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is a group of 8-15 people that meet regularly to connect more deeply with God and each other. At Ocean Hills, we believe that Small Groups are the backbone of our community life. We have a variety of groups that meet each week all over Santa Barbara. There are groups for everyone: men, women, couples, newlywed couples, singles, college students, as well as intergenerational groups.

Why should I belong to a Small Group?

The goals of our Small Groups are:

To help you grow in your faith through interactive Bible Study and prayer.

To help you connect with others and develop meaningful friendships.

To encourage you to make a difference by serving with others inside and outside the church.

To be a safe place where you are invited to ask questions, and begin/nurture a relationship with Christ.

To be a laboratory for leadership development, where group members can be raised up and equipped to lead a group.

At Ocean Hills, we believe that there are many benefits to belonging to a Small Group. People who have been in a small group say that it's the highlight of their church experience; it's in these groups that close personal friendships are developed. Through these relationships you will feel that you truly belong at Ocean Hills. With mutual support, encouragement, prayer and a life-oriented study of the Bible, 20/20 Groups provide you with the opportunity to grow a deeper life.

How do I join a Small Group?

It is our desire that everyone who considers Ocean Hills their home church will belong to a small group of some type. We have over twenty groups that meet at different times and places. Groups are launched every Fall; however, it is possible to jump into a group in Winter and Summer. For more information about our groups for adults, please email Laurie Short or Launch the Sign Up Form.

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